Keys to your Intuitive Brain

Many Artists, Diviners and Visionaries think
  • How do I form stories and narratives from images?
  • How did I make that intuitive leap of faith?
  • How did my brain make this unconscious conclusion?
But you were not able to find the answer as the science is too difficult or jargony or close-minded.


In this 4-week course New Age Neuroscience, you will learn the keys behind mental imagery, intuition and insight.

No neuroscience experience needed!

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In this 4-Week Course You will Learn

Mental Imagery

Seeing with your Mind's Eye

How do you perceive images?
What is the Mind's Eye ?
How vivid is your mental imagery?



Become better at Intuition

What is intuition and where is it processed?
How do you improve your intuitive skills?
What is insight? When do you gain insight?



Tap into your Inner Senses

What is interoception and gut-feeling?
How do these help with visions and divination?
The brain predictive and  neuroforecasting?


Course can be taken at your own pace

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Vision to Intuition

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"What people say"

Sara Freeman, Professor

"I was super fascinated with the class and it helped me think of so many ideas. Thank You! Thank You!"


"I love the concept of involving people who are interested in tarot practice with the symbolism and teachings of neuroscience. So smart. I believe the brain creates reality so why not nurture and give attention to the subconscious messages ready to be interpreted"

Laura Splan, Artist

Thinking about cognition through Tarot is such a brilliant combination. It really got me thinking about the complex ways that our brain processes visual information and the profound implications of understanding this better both as a maker and a consumer or images."

How you will Benefit from this Course

Clarity on Visual Imagery
- Learn how you use your Mind's Eye
- Gain clarity about your Visual Imagery and its Vividness
- Tap into those narratives and vivid stories
Awareness of inner senses and visualization
- Get Better at tuning into your inner senses and gut-feeling
- Become aware of process during divination and visualization
Neuroscience Knowledge
- Gain a basic neuroscience vocabulary
- Resources to delve into your psyche
- Your questions answered by a neuroscientist, with no judgement


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About the Instructor

Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD is a neuroscientist with over 20 years of scientific experience. He is also an artist and frequently collaborates with artists on Sci-Art projects. An avid Tarot reader, he has been researching Neuroscience and Tarot and has created a deck of Neuro-Tarot Cards. A passionate educator, he believes that everyone should be able to share the wonders of the brain and mind. You can contact him @ [email protected]