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New Age Neuroscience

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New Age Neuroscience Course

What you'll learn:

  • How your brain goes from forming mental images to intuitive leaps
  • How you gain insight on decisions
  • How 'gut-feelings' emerge and their processing
  • how the brain is wired for predictions

Taught by a neuroscientist with over 20 years training.

Take classes at your own pace.


What People Are Saying:

I was super fascinated with the class and it helped me think of so many ideas. Thank You! Thank You!

Sara Freeman, Professor

I love the concept of involving people who are interested in tarot practice with the symbolism and teachings of neuroscience. So smart. I believe the brain creates reality so why not nurture and give attention to the subconscious messages ready to be interpreted


Thinking about cognition through Tarot is such a brilliant combination. It really got me thinking about the complex ways that our brain processes visual information and the profound implications of understanding this better both as a maker and a consumer or images.

Laura Splan, Artist